Jinsheng Li Chairman of the Board, Group Managing Director, Senior Engineer


Mr. Li, Jinsheng (63) was General Manager in ShenFeng Machinery Co., LTD. (formerly: The City Motorcycle Factory of Hubei Province) since 1987 and was elected Chairman of the Board in 2008.
Mr. Li graduated from Wuhan University of Technology (formerly: Wuhan Institute of Technology) in Mechanical Engineering and started his career in “The City Machine Tool Plant of Hubei Province” (1976-1986), during this time he was promoted from a plant technician to deputy factory director and factory director.
When he started working for the ShenFeng Machinery Corporation as General Manager in 1987, the company had 100 employees. Under his leadership, the ShenFeng Machinery joint-stock company from 25 years ago, with only RMB 1.5 million of annual gross revenue with domestic products from a single factory, has developed into the country´s major motorcycle fuel tanks and chassis manufacturer.
In 2009, ShenFeng Machinery had more than 1200 employees and an annual turnover of RMB 250 million, with operations in three provinces, four regions in China as well as in Asia and North America.
Mr. Li was an elected member of the People's Congress of Hubei Province for two consecutive terms (1996, 2001). In 2000, he was elected as the China National People's Labor Model.


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