40 Years of ShenFeng

The predecessor of ShenFeng Group is „Motorcycle Manufacturing Factory“ (1970) in Yingcheng City, Hubei, which´s products are complete motorcycles. In 1995, it has formally changed to Hubei ShenFeng Machinery Co., Ltd., and the enterprise decided the developing direction of producing motorcycle and vehicle components in substitute of the former complete motorcycle.
Around 1995, the Group established corporations including Chongqing ShenFeng Changjin Co., Ltd. in Chongqing City, as well as Jiangmen ShenFeng Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd. and Jiangmen Pengjiang ShenFeng Frame Factory Co., Ltd. in Jiangmen Guangdong. In 2004, the ShenFeng Group established the Guangzhou ShenFeng Motorcycle Fuel Tanks Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. These mainly provided motorcycle fuel tanks, motorcycle frames and systematic service to the local famous motorcycle industries including Jialing, Lifan, Jianshe, Longxin, Zongshen, Dachangjiang, Wuyang Honda etc. In 1999, after ShenFeng passed the ISO9002 quality guarantee system, it was appraised as the “Class A supplier” by famous motorcycle industries including Guangdong Dachangjiang Group, Chongqing Jianshe Group etc; In 2002 the Company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality guarantee system, in 2003, it was a pioneer in passing the forced National 3C Certificate.
Up to now, Hubei ShenFeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a comprehensive enterprise group that unifies researching, vehicle and motorcycle component production and the according mold as one system. The Company is by now the motorcycle component production enterprise with the largest scale and the biggest type varieties in the country, and is also an important motorcycle fuel tanks and frames production base in China. The Company has 7 subsidiaries, over 1,200 employees, and a yearly production capacity of 3 million motorcycle fuel tanks, 2 million frames, 200 thousand clutch sets and 300 thousand front tube sets. The Company has the ability of designing and manufacturing pressing and welding molds, and possesses advanced production equipments and detecting methods, and a team of engineering technicians with long experiences in the work of molds designing and manufacturing; the Company is also equipped with precision equipments like the three coordinate measuring instrument, all powerful material testing machine and laboratories. The precision measuring, 3D modeling, graphic designing are all digitalized.
The Company has many patented technologies including digital ignition, double digital control system. The “double digital control system” developed by the Company has filled the blank domestically, and has acquired the national patent; it is at an internationally advanced level in the aspects of motorcycle fuel saving, exhaust, low temperature start. The products are not only used by famous motorcycle and vehicle industries including Dachangjiang, Wuyang Honda, Jialing, Lifan, Longxin, Zongshen, etc, but are also exported abroad; the fuel tanks, motorcycle frame molds are exported to countries including Syria, Pakistan and Harley-Davidson in the US.
In 2003, the ShenFeng Group was awarded with the listing in top 300 Mechanical Enterprises in China, and the top 10 Mechanical Enterprises in Hubei by the National Mechanical Enterprises Committee. The Company will try to enter the Top 50 Mechanical Enterprises in China.


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