About ShenFeng

ShenFeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise group that comprehensively unifies research and development, production of automobile and motorcycle parts and mold-in-one solutions with the country's major motorcycle fuel tank and chassis production base.
The Company has production bases in Hubei, Chongqing and Guangdong, with an annual output of 500.000 automobile fuel tanks, 3 million motorcycle fuel tanks and a frame production capacity of 2.5 million, through massive stamping and mold welding design and production capabilities. ShenFeng Group was listed in the top 500 Machinery Companies of China in 2003.
The Company has advanced production equipment and testing methods, there have been a vast number of years engaged in mold design, manufacturing and engineering in the hands of technical personnel with extensive experiences; equipped with a coordinate measuring machine, universal testing machines and other precision equipment, and physical and chemical laboratories. Precision measurement, 3D modeling, graphic design, mold processing are all digital. ShenFeng Company has gained ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system certification and the national compulsory (3C) certification. Our products have been provided to a number of well-known motorcycle companies and automobile manufacturers; fuel tanks, frames, molds have been exported to the United States, Syria, Pakistan and India.
The Company has not only built up a perfect quality management system, own highly standardized system processes such as our product development, quality inspection and sales and service systems, but we are also dedicated to the unique spirit of enterprise:
"Prepared for the future, realistic and innovative in serving the community, considering integrity in the first place".


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